Hotel Eurosol Seia Camelo (***)

Avenida 1.º de Maio, 16
6270-479 Seia
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Geographical: 40º25'6'' N, 7º42'17'' W
Decimal (GPS): 40.418373,-7.70471
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Phone: (+351) 238.310.100
Fax: (+351) 238.310.101

Rooms: 79 |

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Hotel Eurosol Seia Camelo
The Hotel Eurosol Seia Camelo is in part a historical hotel dating back to 1935, occupying a prime position in the centre of Seia and combining excellent accommodation and spacious gardens with a wide range of amenities.

The facilities include a beautiful pool and sun patio, children's playground, Kids Club, a games room and a fantastic restaurant offering regional specialities.

Hotel Eurosol Seia Camelo
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