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Mother Church
Mother Church
The ancient fortress town of Caminha overlooks the river Minho and is rich in historical and architectural patrimony.

Occupied in Celtic and Roman times, it was an important port until the 16th century; now its harbour is mainly used for the daily ferry connection to Spain, which it faces across the river.

The whole town is appealing, with its manorial houses and Medieval defensive walls that seem to whisper old tales and legends, the Gothic mother church, the attractive main square with popular cafés and exhibiting the 15th century Clock Tower, a Renaissance fountain and the 15th century mansion of Solar dos Pitas, with seven fine Manueline windows on the upper storey.

In terms of tourism, the county offers spectacular beaches along its atlantic coast, such as Moledo and Vila Praia de Âncora.

Almost facing the first, in the estuary of the river Minho, the small island of Ínsua has a ruined convent, church, and lighthouse.

At Âncora, sea, river, sand, cultivated green fields and dense woods of pine-trees, overlooked by mountains, encircle a small fishing village full of charm and traditions.

The two rivers that surround the heights of the rough Serra de Arga are rich in trout, and on the slopes dolmens and cromlechs can be observed.

The county is proud of its crafts in copper, embroidery and weaving. As for the gastronomy, it is clearly influenced by sea and river, as the main specialities are lampern with rice, fried shad or with vinegar sauce, shellfish and roasted grey mullet.
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