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At the centre of a region renowned for its wines (namely the excellent reds), Redondo is a small town of tiny white houses preserving a Medieval atmosphere and crowned by the ruins of a castle founded by King Dinis in the 14th century.

It is worth exploring the quiet streets and visiting the Mother Church (16th and 17th centuries), the pillory, the Manueline Miserichord Church and the dolmens at Vidigueira, Venda do Duque and Herdade dos Tesouros.

However, Redondo is specially famed for its traditional pottery: visitors will find hand-painted plates, water jugs, casseroles and bowls, exhibiting fresh floral designs, naive scenes of pastoral life or folk-art motifs, often produced by whole families and sold at their homes.

Proud of its two star products, the town has a small Wine Museum and a Pottery Museum.

At about ten kilometres from Redondo, on a hill of the remote Serra da Ossa mountains, the former Convent of Saint Paul was founded in 1376 and has been turned into a luxurious hotel but still keeps the magnificent 16th to 18th-century panels of decorated tiles and a Baroque fountain.

The local gastronomy offers typical dishes of the Alentejo, such as sopa de cação (dog-fish soup) and cozido de grão (pork and chickpea stew).
Hotel Convento de São Paulo Hotel Convento de São Paulo
Serra d´Ossa, Redondo
$$$$ (100 to 150 euros)

Surrounded by vast gardens and 600 tree-lined hectares which afford a magnificent, inspiring landscape, this is a hotel where you can truly escape.

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