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Lagoa Comprida
Lagoa Comprida
One of the main entry points to the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, the ancient town of Civitas Sena leads to several main sites of the mountainous range, namely to Sabugueiro, the highest village in Portugal, on the way to the Tower (at almost 2000 metres), and to the deep and glacier-cut valley of Lorigo and Alvoco.

Several monuments, namely manor-houses, confirm its important role in the past.

It is worth admiring the Romanesque Chapel of Saint Peter, rebuilt in the 16th century, the Mother Church (with stunning views over the surrounding landscape) and the 18th-century Miserichord Church.

At the nearby village of Valezim, there are three old water mills of a type not often found in Portugal, and two of them are still used to grind grain.

In the region, the eroded granite of the mountain tops have provided many weird shapes, such as the Cabeça do Velho (old man's head), near Sabugueiro, matched by the Cabeça da Velha (old woman's head), just south of Seia.

As in other zones of the Serra da Estrela mountains, visitors can delight themselves with the buttery and rich-flavoured Serra cheese.

The Natural Park, with its paths offering beautiful views and stunning flora, never cease to attract walkers and nature lovers.
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