Pena National Palace

2710 Sintra
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Pena National Palace
The walk is long (a climb of about 30 minutes from the Old Town to the palace), but it is worth the effort, as the visitor can admire the woods, the mansions with their gardens, the lakes and the fountains.

Of course you can take the bus...

The monument is surrounded by a wooded park, in the Romantic style.

Dating from 1840, it expresses the Revivalist inspiration of Fernando de Saxe-Coburgo, of German origin, husband to queen Mary II.

Beyond anything else, it presents dazzling views over the surrounding woods, the beaches and the ocean.

In the estate´s center, rises the palace, a neo-Arab and neo-Medieval product of fantasy, built on the site of an old convent from the 16th century.

The remarkable succession of styles and references is due to the imagination of the prince-consort and of his architect, the baron of Eschwege, who remains immortalized in a statue where he appears dressed as a Medieval knight, standing against a background of wooded slopes.

Sílvia Padrão

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