São Lourenço´s Hill Fort

Rua de São Lourenço - 4740-001 Vila Chã
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Geographical: 41º33'26'' N, 8º45'38'' W
Decimal (GPS): 41.557151,-8.760553
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Phone: (+351) +351.253.960.10

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São Lourenço´s Hill Fort
Saint Lawrence is a fortified village where relics have been found going back to the fourth century BC and where, since the second century BC, houses started to be built around the hill heights.

The excavated area up to now showed the existence of several housing units, often surrounded by pavements; the defense was provided by three walls.

After a period of abandonment, Saint Lawrence's hill was again occupied, in the 14th century, when a small defensive castle was built there.

Apart from the archaeological and historical aspects of Saint Lawrence's hill, it is also a place of rare beauty.

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