Fluviaire de Mora

Parque Ecológico do Gameiro - Cabeção - 7490-909 Mora
Téléphone: (+351) 266.448.130

URL: Fluviaire de Mora

Fluviaire de Mora
Fluviário de Mora, the first big European freshwater aquarium, is located near the Gameiro Ecological Park and consists of a series of aquariums and its surrounding areas.

In successive exhibition spaces, it allows visitors to observe the different species of plants and animals that live in river environments through natural water and land habitats, in a journey between the source and the mouth of a river.

Currently, the Fluviarium has over half a thousand fish of 55 different species, besides birds and reptiles, and its outdoor areas are «visited» by many other animals.

The exhibition «The Journey of a River» is the starting point for the discovery of freshwater habitats: along a river course, visitors get to know species such as the sturgeon, now extinct from the Iberian rivers, or the saramugo.

In the next room, otters, freshwater aquatic mammals, fascinate with their liveliness and characteristic winches.

Next, the «Route of the Lake» features a pond of muddy waters, mixed with clay and limestone, inhabited by carps, wild ducks and black and white swans, besides many visitors: dragonflies, spiders, hedgehogs, rabbits, blackbirds, crows and hawks.

Finally, in the «Exotic Habitats» exhibition, visitors will find species that live in freshwater environments elsewhere in the world, such as the Amazon basin (pirapitinga, piranha, anaconda) or the big African lakes (dinosaur eel, catfish, cichlids).

There is also a «Multimedia Exhibition» on the interactions between man and river, and a space for temporary exhibitions within the same theme.

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