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Pavilhão de Portugal
Pavilhão de Portugal of the Expo´98 is situated near the north-east corner of the Molhe (pier) dos Olivais.

The span between the building and the river-bank is covered by a balcony held by graceful pillars and forms a lateral porch fixed to the east façade.

This construction, made of concrete, was not assigned any determined use for after the event, so it required a great flexibility and versatility in terms of space, while its representative function demanded a clear and powerful image.

The building, rising on a north-south axis, is formed by two bodies separated by a construction joint.

The first unit is really a great ceremonial square flanked, on the north and south, by two large porticos lined with tiles of different colours, between which an extremely thin blade of concrete draws a curve, like a giant canvas.

The second body is a building of rectangular shape with a basement and two storeys.

These three floors «grow» around a patio with earth on the ground, so as to allow trees to be planted.

A complentary body of two flors stands out from a corner of the building, separated from the main construction by a gallery.

Architect: Álvaro Siza Vieira.

Quoted from Atlas de Arquitectura Actual, de Francisco Asensio Cerver (Konemann Verlagsgesellschaft, Colónia)

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