Atlantic Pavillion

Parque das Nações

Atlantic Pavillion
The Expo´98 Utopia Pavillion results of the cooperation between the American S.O.M.

team and Regino Cruz.

Under the metallic covering with a zenithal and jagged illumination, the great laminated beams, which form a span of 365 ft, make the interior of the pavillion ressemble a ship´s hull.

The exterior construction is formed by a metallic carapace, like a sea-shell, which opens through a glass entrance on the façade to allow the public´s access.

This texture is only altered by ventilation openings or by some protuberance to lodge the installations.

The pavillion´s appearance results of a composition paradox: on the one hand, the exterior form is very organic, very natural; on the other hand, the glass and metallic finishings give it a deeply futuristic aspect.

This singular combination and the fact of the construction being situated at an elevated level in relation to the envolving zone make the building different and turn it into one of the banners of the urbanistic and architectural intervention undertook for the Expo´98.

Quoted from Atlas de Arquitectura Actual, de Francisco Asensio Cerver (Konemann Verlagsgesellschaft, Colónia)

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