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Oceanário de Lisboa
One of the most emblematic elements of the Expo' 98 fair is the Oceanarium, designed by Peter Chermayeff, and which was the most important feature of the daily attractions.

This great artefact of nautical resonances and anchored at the pier´s waters has a central tank which lodges the marine species and around which the other display zones were built.

The access to the Oceanário is made by a ramp of metal mesh which takes the visitors to the upper level.

The building, which looks like a sophisticated oil platform, is formed by a solid base of stony materials and a higher zone enclosed with glass, with views over the sea and the Fair.

The light roofings form sun-shades and protect visitors from direct solar rays.

These peaks are held by cables hanging from metallic pillars situated on the edges of an architectural cross which determines the structural rhythm.

This pavillion is one of the most singular buildings of the Lisbon Expo.

Quoted from Atlas of Contemporary Architecture, of Francisco Asensio Cerver (Konemann Verlagsgesellschaft, Koln)

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