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Casa de Săo Tiago Manor house
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Largo Alexandre Herculano, 2
7000-501 Évora

Located in the historical and cultural centre of Évora, the Casa de Săo Tiago is set in an aristocratic house whose origins date back to the reign of King Manuel I (16th century). Just a few metres away, guests can find ...

Rooms: 7
Class: $$ (30 to 50 euros)


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Quinta do Xarrama Rural tourism
Quinta do Xarrama: Map
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Bairro Frei Aleixo
7005-276 Évora

Rooms: 5
Class: $$$ (50 to 100 euros)


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Convento do Espinheiro Heritage Hotel & Spa Convento do Espinheiro Heritage Hotel & Spa
$$$$ (100 to 150 euros)

The building, a national monument, was originally a convent from the 15th century; its origins are connected to the legend of the apparition of the Virgin Mary over a thorn-bush (espinheiro) around 1400; in 1458, due to the popularity of the site among pilgrims, a church was built, and then a convent of hieronimyte monks.

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