Casa da Pérgola

Avenida Valbom, 13
2750-508 Cascais
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Geographical: 38º41'59'' N, 9º25'10'' W
Decimal (GPS): 38.69963,-9.419449
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Phone: (+351) 214.840.040
Fax: (+351) 214.834.791

Rooms: 10 |

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Casa da Pérgola
A Mediterranean-style mansion in the town centre, with elegant white marble floors and staircases, beautifully decorated bedrooms with stucco ceilings and a charming garden.

The house has been owned by the same family for over a century and its beautiful façade, adorned with hand painted tiles, has been the delight of both amateur and professional photographers.

It is the choice for the growing number of travellers who do not want to stay in impersonal hotels and wish to enjoy the hospitable atmosphere and spirit of the country they are visiting.

All the bedrooms have bathroom, some have a balcony; guests are invited to use the lounge and the dining room.

Casa da Pérgola
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