Hotel Rural Quinta da Geia (***)

Largo do Terreiro do Fundo
Aldeia das Dez
3400-214 Oliveira do Hospital
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Geographical: 40º17'46'' N, 7º52'1'' W
Decimal (GPS): 40.296225,-7.866946
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Phone: (+351) 238.670.010
Fax: (+351) 238.670.019

Rooms: 15 | Apartments: 4 |

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Hotel Rural Quinta da Geia
The Hotel Rural Quinta da Geia is situated in Aldeia das Dez, at an altitude of 450 metres, on the north slopes of the Açor mountains.

Also known as Flower Village, it's recognised by its typical mountain and warm atmosphere, its excellent location in the central massif of Portugal, extraordinary views of the Serra da Estrela mountains, its hills covered with wild flowers and pine treesand its valleys of green meadows.

Hotel Rural Quinta da Geia
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