Pousada de Juventude de Vila Nova de Cerveira

Rua do Alto das Veigas
4920-222 Vila Nova de Cerveira
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Geographical: 41º56'31'' N, 8º44'30'' W
Decimal (GPS): 41.942051,-8.741764
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Phone: (+351) 251.796.113
Fax: (+351) 251.796.113

Rooms: 20 |

Pousada de Juventude de Vila Nova de Cerveira
Vila Nova de Cerveira is a friendly town, known for hosting the plastic arts biennial, the stage where artist meet and exchange experiences; Vilar de Mouros and Paredes de Coura, where the famous festivals are held, are not far away.

The Youth Hostel is ideal for you and your friends! In the River Minho and at the Peneda–Gerês Natural Park, you can go canoeing, paddling, walking and do all that you like! After that, how about a picnic?

Vila Nova de Cerveira: 4 hotels and other lodging
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Estalagem da Boega Estalagem da Boega
Gondarém, Vila Nova de Cerveira
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A 17th-century country manor house with large gardens and views of the Minho River, located in Gondarém, just outside Vila Nova de Cerveira.

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