Hotel do Parque (***)

Rua de Lamas
Termas de São Pedro do Sul
3660-692 São Pedro do Sul
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Geographical: 40º44'19'' N, 8º5'38'' W
Decimal (GPS): 40.738616,-8.093834
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Phone: (+351) 232.723.461
Fax: (+351) 232.723.047

Rooms: 103 |

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Pousada de Juventude de São Pedro do Sul Pousada de Juventude de São Pedro do Sul
Termas de São Pedro do Sul, São Pedro do Sul
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The Youth Hostel of São Pedro do Sul is located at a spa town in the province of Beira, near São Pedro do Sul, which is three kilometres (two miles) away from the hostel and 20 km (13 mi) from Viseu, and has a sports complex where you can do swimming, squash or table tennis.

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