Hotel Amazónia Lisboa (***)

Travessa da Fábrica dos Pentes, 12-20
1250-106 Lisboa
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Geographical: 38ş43'23'' N, 9ş9'18'' W
Decimal (GPS): 38.723004,-9.155074
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Phone: (+351) 213.877.006
Fax: (+351) 213.879.090

Rooms: 192 |

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Hotel Amazónia Lisboa
A lobby featuring Brazilian artifacts, plants, straw rugs and rattan chairs evokes the Hotel Amazónia Lisboa's name.

Popular with business travelers, the hotel also attracts leisure travelers seeking moderately priced rooms within five blocks of Lisbon's central boulevard (Avenida da Liberdade).

Rooms have a contemporary decor and furnishings include white walls and ceilings, carpets inset into white-tile floors, tropical-wood trim and richly colored drapes and bedspreads.

Hotel Amazónia Lisboa
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