Go Hostel Lisbon

Rua Maria da Fonte, 55
1170-022 Lisboa
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Geographical: 38º43'23'' N, 9º7'55'' W
Decimal (GPS): 38.723191,-9.132002
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Phone: (+351) 218.229.816

Rooms: 12 |

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Go Hostel Lisbon
Situated a five-minute walk from the Anjos metro station, this former palace offers a courtyard and a kitchen for guests, a 24/7 minimarket and a lounge room with TV and DVD player.

Including free Wi-Fi, all rooms and dorms at Go Hostel Lisbon come with a work desk.

Shared bathrooms are available in the hallways, which still have Baroque decorations and trendy wall paintings.

Go Hostel Lisbon
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