Centro de Juventude do Porto Santo

Sítio das Matas
9400-035 Porto Santo
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Geographical: 33º3'35'' N, 16º20'22'' W
Decimal (GPS): 33.059667,-16.3394
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Phone: (+351) 291.982.607
Fax: (+351) 291.984.555

Rooms: 20 |

Centro de Juventude do Porto Santo
The Porto Santo Youth Centre is a recent youth hostel located in one of the most beautiful, paradise-like places in Portugal.

If you opt for the island of Porto Santo, then you're probably a beach lover, and the beach at Porto Santo is known for its nine kilometre-long stretch of sand and for the high quality of its waters.

Make the most of your stay by visiting the town, going up to the belvederes and getting to know the natural heritage.

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Located near the beach and surrounded by palm trees and spacious gardens, the Hotel Porto Santo is the ideal choice for those looking to relax and enjoy an extensive seven kilometres (four miles) of golden sand beach.

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