Hotel Grão Vasco (****)

Rua Gaspar Barreiros
3510-232 Viseu
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Geographical: 40º39'23'' N, 7º54'49'' W
Decimal (GPS): 40.656339,-7.913638
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Phone: (+351) 232.423.511
Fax: (+351) 232.426.444

Rooms: 109 |

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Hotel Grão Vasco
Located in the very centre of Viseu, surrounded by a beautiful green park, the Hotel Grão Vasco with modern facilities has accommodated many famous names.

With wide spaces and light walls, the hotel provides an environment reminiscent of the early Sixties and strives to keep alive the spirit that welcomed celebrities such as the fado singer Amália Rodrigues, the football players Maradona and Eusébio, the fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, the King Umberto of Italy, the Princess Lee Radziwill or the businessman Umberto Agnelli, among many others.

Hotel Grão Vasco
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