Pousada de Juventude de Aveiro

Rua das Pombas
3810-150 Aveiro
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Geographical: 40º37'57'' N, 8º39'9'' W
Decimal (GPS): 40.632434,-8.652425
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Phone: (+351) 234.420.536
Fax: (+351) 234.420.536

Rooms: 11 |

Pousada de Juventude de Aveiro
If you stay at the Youth Hostel in Aveiro, you'll be able to get to know a thriving town, both socially and financially.

The university is extremely lively and you might be interested in doing a course here; so now you know what to do before making a decision regarding your future: take a look at the sunny town of Aveiro.

Why not go and see a quality basketball game (Ovarense, Illiabum, Beira-Mar, Sangalhos and Aveiro Basket are excellent options), go canoeing on the river or take in the unique beauty of Dunas de São Jacinto nature reserve.

As well as checking out Praia da Barra or Costa Nova beach, of course.

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