Chalés da Montanha

Penhas da Saúde
6200-073 Covilhã
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Geographical: 40º18'24'' N, 7º32'58'' W
Decimal (GPS): 40.306543,-7.549512
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Phone: (+351) 275.310.300
Fax: (+351) 275.310.309

Villas: 28 |

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Chalés da Montanha
Located in Portugal's largest mountain resort destination, these cosy lodgings are far away from city stresses in a family atmosphere.

Overlooking a breathtaking winter landscape, these chalets are only ten minutes away from the Ski Resort.

Each chalet has two verandas, from which you can gaze upon the stillness of the mountains and feel the crisp mountain air.

Chalés da Montanha
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Pousada de Juventude das Penhas da Saúde Pousada de Juventude das Penhas da Saúde
Penhas da Saúde, Covilhã
The Youth Hostel of Penhas da Saúde is located in the middle of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, at an altitude of about 1900 metres (6300 feet).

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