Hotel das Salinas (**)

Rua da Liberdade, 10
3810-126 Aveiro
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Geographical: 40º38'26'' N, 8º39'26'' W
Decimal (GPS): 40.640665,-8.657092
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Phone: (+351) 234.404.190
Fax: (+351) 234.404.191

Rooms: 17 |

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Hotel das Salinas
Well-situated with a lovely view onto the city's central canal, this hotel in the heart of Aveiro provides personalised services and a family-like atmosphere.

Known as the Portuguese Venice due to its canals and boats, Aveiro is worth exploring.

Use Hotel das Salinas as a base from which to explore other coastal areas and its beaches, just five minutes away, or Porto, 50 kilometres away.

Hotel das Salinas
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Set in a historic building, this recently renovated hotel in Aveiro's centre overlooks Central Canal. The popular moliceiros of Aveiro are just a two-minute walk away.

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