Apartamentos Jardins da Rocha (***)

Avenida V-3
8500-801 Portimão
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Geographical: 37º7'9'' N, 8º32'41'' W
Decimal (GPS): 37.119242,-8.544603
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Phone: (+351) 282.424.534
Fax: (+351) 282.424.524

Apartments: 60 |

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Apartamentos Jardins da Rocha
Only 80 metres away from Miradouro and from the Rocha and the Três Castelos beaches, next to the entertainment and shopping areas, Apartamentos Turísticos Jardins da Rocha is made of T0 (two people) and T1 (four people) apartments, all with a terrace, completelly furbished and equipped with air conditioning, microwave, coffee machine, oven, satellite TV, etc.

Apartamentos Jardins da Rocha
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Praia da Rocha, Portimão
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Ideal for making the most of what Praia da Rocha has to offer, this aparthotel is just metres from the beach and provides guests with quality accommodation.

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