Hotel Rural Quinta de São Sebastião

Rua Faria Torres, 2
4905-475 Viana do Castelo
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Geographical: 41º38'54'' N, 8º41'59'' W
Decimal (GPS): 41.6482,-8.699825
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Phone: (+351) 258.770.520

Rooms: 10 | Apartments: 1 |

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Hotel Rural Quinta de São Sebastião
In the main house, the distribution of space is both funcional and welcoming, with spaciours rooms and public areas: guestrooms, dinimg room, sitting room and TV room, games room and library.

The estate, with its trellised vines and paths, surround the gardens and green spaces, the swimming pool, playing field and children's playground, creating a relaxing atmosphere for rest and recreation.

Hotel Rural Quinta de São Sebastião
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