Albergaria do Calvário (****)

Travessa dos Lagares, 3
7002-501 Évora
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Geographical: 38ş34'30'' N, 7ş54'50'' W
Decimal (GPS): 38.574894,-7.914008
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Phone: (+351) 266.745.930
Fax: (+351) 266.745.939

Rooms: 23 |

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Albergaria do Calvário
Located in the historical centre of Évora, inside the walls and next to the 16th-century Calvary Convent, this new hotel was adapted from an old olive-oil pressing mill.

Albergaria do Calvário has its own private parking, which allows guests to forget about their cars, as the city centre is only a few steps away and all the attractions are within the reach of a leisurely walk.

All the rooms feature bath, air conditioning, TV, phone and safe.

Albergaria do Calvário
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