Quintal de Além do Ribeiro (Rural tourism)

Ceira dos Vales
3200-074 Lousã
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Geographical: 40º8'46'' N, -9º44'46'' W
Decimal (GPS): 40.146184, -8.253768
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Phone: (+351) 239.996.480
Fax: (+351) 239.996.479

Rooms: 9 |

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Quintal de Além do Ribeiro
Framed by a wooded valley and cultivated land, this house is circled by the relaxing whisper of the wind in the trees and the soft murmur of the Ceira River.

With a rustic but modern character, the charming house displays artefacts dating back to the mid 18th century and the Napoleonic invasions.

Comfortable, thematic rooms are full of traditional furniture and a fitting decor.

Quintal de Além do Ribeiro
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