São Miguel Park Hotel (***)

Rua Manuel Augusto Amaral
9500-222 Ponta Delgada
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Geographical: 37º44'37'' N, 25º40'23'' W
Decimal (GPS): 37.743478,-25.672957
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Phone: (+351) 296.306.000
Fax: (+351) 296.306.015

Rooms: 163 |

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São Miguel Park Hotel
Located near the Botanical Gardens of Ponta Delgada center, São Miguel Park Hotel delivers all you would expect of a modern city hotel, in perfect harmony with the typical green tones of the Azores.

São Miguel Park Hotel
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Located near the Carlos Machado Museum, the Jose do Canto Garden, the Santana Pesidential Palace and the Azores University, and just 500 metres away from the City Gates and the traditional shopping area, the Hotel Canadiano is the ideal location from which to start your visit to the beautiful island of São Miguel.

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