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Lone Surfer Ericeira
Largo de São Sebastião, 10
2655-364 Ericeira
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Geographical: 38º58'10'' N, 9º25'11'' W
Decimal (GPS): 38.969567,-9.419797
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Phone: (+351) 261.869.885

Rooms: 6 |

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Lone Surfer Ericeira
Lone Surfer Ericeira offers private and shared rooms overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

It includes free Wi-Fi access and public parking 50 metres away from the beach.

The rooms are bright and airy.

Some rooms offer panoramic ocean views while others offer partial views.

Bathroom facilities are shared.

Lone Surfer Ericeira
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Beachtour Ericeira Beachtour Ericeira
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Beachtour Ericeira is a five-minute walk from the Ribeira d'Ilhas beach. It has views over the Atlantic Ocean and an outdoor swimming pool, as well as car and bike rental facilities.

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