Quinta do Rio Touro (Rural tourism)

Caminho do Rio Touro
2705-001 Colares
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Geographical: 38ş46'22'' N, 9ş28'19'' W
Decimal (GPS): 38.772785,-9.472079
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Phone: (+351) 219.292.862
Fax: (+351) 219.292.360

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Quinta do Rio Touro
A small fruit farm near Azóia, within the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, in a valley of luxuriant subtropical vegetation.

It is encircled by hills, giving a Mediterranean microclimate with the cooler air of the Atlantic coast; the small river Touro runs down the valley to the nearby sea.

The owner was formerly one of the senior Portuguese ambassadors, and the house is full of mementos of his days in various capitals of the world, including Tokyo, Paris, New York and Madrid.

The ambassador is very keen on the ecological environment and it is hoped that the production of pesticide free fruits and vegetables will be certified as organic.

The landscape features thousands of lime trees, pine trees and other trees native to the area.

Quinta do Rio Touro
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