Quinta de São Vicente (Rural tourism)

Portas - Geraz do Minho
4830-315 Póvoa de Lanhoso
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Geographical: 41º35'50'' N, 8º18'23'' W
Decimal (GPS): 41.597136,-8.306474
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Phone: (+351) 253.632.466
Fax: (+351) 253.632.466

Rooms: 3 | Apartments: 1 |

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Quinta de São Vicente
Quinta de São Vicente is a typical 17th-century rural house and features a swimming pool with ecologically-treated water.

It has a chapel with a retable dated from 1623 and is set within a vinho verde working farm, in a very quiet location with a pretty rural landscape.

The farm is 15 kilometres away from Braga and 20 from the Peneda-Gerês Natural park.

Quinta de São Vicente
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