Hotel Stay in Óbidos (***)

Estrada Nacional 8, 19
2510-216 Óbidos
Getting there (itinerary)

Geographical: 39ş22'27'' N, 9ş8'28'' W
Decimal (GPS): 39.374276,-9.141188
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Phone: (+351) 262.955.460
Fax: (+351) 262.955.461

Rooms: 38 |

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Hotel Stay in Óbidos
Stay in Óbidos is just two kilometres from the historical town of Óbidos and offers comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi and traditional cuisine close to the castle.

The hotel has air-conditionned and neatly decorated guest rooms and suites which are situated in the main building, designed to resemble a medieval castle.

Hotel Stay in Óbidos
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Hotel Real d´Óbidos Hotel Real d´Óbidos
$$$$ (100 to 150 euros)

Built from a classified 14th century municipal house, this small hotel is excellently located for a walk around this quaint castle town.

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