Quinta de São Miguel de Arcos (Rural tourism)

Rua da Igreja, 209
4480-018 Vila do Conde
Getting there (itinerary)

Geographical: 41º23'46'' N, 8º39'59'' W
Decimal (GPS): 41.396087,-8.66648
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Phone: (+351) 252.652.094
Fax: (+351) 252.652.094

Rooms: 5 |

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Quinta de São Miguel de Arcos
This beautiful and charming farm blends harmoniously into the surrounding natural landscape, offering comfortable, modern accommodation off the beaten track.

Quinta de São Miguel de Arcos is only a short drive away from important centres and towns, but it is nestled in surroundings of rural natural beauty, allowing for a truly unique holiday experience.

Quinta de São Miguel de Arcos
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Built at the beginning of the 19th century, located in a typical countryside area, the house of Quinta das Alfaias is surrounded by 10,000 square metres of gardens and orchards, envolved by a neighbourhood of big farms and green spaces.

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