Aparthotel Quinta dos Avelanais (***)

Estrada de Alvendre
6300-030 Guarda
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Geographical: 40º34'35'' N, 7º15'10'' W
Decimal (GPS): 40.57647,-7.252682
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Phone: (+351) 271.200.160
Fax: (+351) 271.200.168

Apartments: 12 |

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Aparthotel Quinta dos Avelanais
Situated in a hillside surrounded by nature, it offers the enjoyment of a unique landscape and area, as well as pleasant, cosy and modern accommodation.

Aparthotel Quinta dos Avelanais, just a few minutes away from Guarda, is the perfect choice for those who enjoy contact with nature and places with an interesting history.

Aparthotel Quinta dos Avelanais
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