Apartamentos Comércio do Porto

Rua do Comércio do Porto, 71
4050-210 Porto
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Geographical: 41º8'30'' N, 8º37'0'' W
Decimal (GPS): 41.141641,-8.616763
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Phone: (+351) 220.932.428
Fax: (+351) 220.932.428

Apartments: 8 |

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Apartamentos Comércio do Porto
Set in a renovated 17th-century property, these self-catering design apartments in the central Ribeira neighbourhood offer free Wi-Fi.

Contrasting colours and original wood beam ceilings provide a luxury feel to the air-conditioned apartments of Comércio do Porto.

Some come with a kitchenette complete with kettle, microwave and refrigerator.

Apartamentos Comércio do Porto
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