Hotel Apartamento Jardim do Atlântico (****)

Lombo da Rocha
9370-605 Calheta
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Geographical: 32º45'8'' N, 17º13'1'' W
Decimal (GPS): 32.752317,-17.216885
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Phone: (+351) 291.820.220
Fax: (+351) 291.820.221

Apartments: 89 | Villas: 8 |

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Hotel Apartamento Jardim do Atlântico
The Hotel Jardim Atlântico is located in the wonderful Calheta town, in Madeira Island, the ideal place to rest, relax and relieve everyday stress.

The pure air and healthy food, relaxing strolls and the discovery of the nature and agricultural life of the surrounding areas and fishing villages will make your holiday unforgettable. rates, pictures, maps, last minute deals

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