Quinta do Arco (Rural tourism)

Lagoa - Arco de São Jorge
9230-018 Santana
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Geographical: 32º49'28'' N, 16º57'11'' W
Decimal (GPS): 32.8244,-16.952977
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Phone: (+351) 291.570.250
Fax: (+351) 291.570.259

Villas: 18 |

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Quinta do Arco
Quinta do Arco is a quality tourist project, surrounded by a natural and rural environment, in perfect harmony with the local country life, that offers everything one might need for a peaceful and healthy visit.

The property is divided in two separate but related areas: the accommodation area, with its eighteen independent houses in an atmosphere which is welcoming, rural, private and surrounded by the beauty of its luxuriant gardens, and the Rose Garden, with an exhibition of roses.

Quinta do Arco
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