Vale do Gaio Hotel (****)

Barragem Trigo de Morais
7595-034 Torrão
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Geographical: 38º15'1'' N, 8º17'40'' W
Decimal (GPS): 38.250238,-8.29456
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Phone: (+351) 265.669.610
Fax: (+351) 265.669.545

Rooms: 14 |

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Vale do Gaio Hotel
In the heart of the Alentejo, only 30 kilometres from Alcácer do Sal and over the Vale do Gaio dam, the perfect place for resting, walking, cruising, fishing or shooting.

The sunsets at the terrace, overlooking the dam, make for an unforgettable stay.

Vale do Gaio Hotel
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The laitaus, large wooden ships used for cargo, date back to the end of the 19th century; there were four of them, all from Setúbal; today, only the remnants of one remain, as well as the name of this hotel.

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