Pousada de São Bartolomeu (Charm)

Estrada de Turismo
5300-271 Bragança
Getting there (itinerary)

Geographical: 41º48'11'' N, 6º45'17'' W
Decimal (GPS): 41.802962,-6.754795
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Phone: (+351) 273.331.493
Fax: (+351) 273.323.453

Rooms: 28 |

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Pousada de São Bartolomeu
Bragança, too often forgotten due to its distance from the decision-making centres, will be impossible to forget, once visited.

From the top of a hill of the Nogueira mountain range, guests enjoy have a superb view over this district's capital city.

Within the walls of the former castle, Bragança is one of the most interesting medieval cities of Portugal.

Pousada de São Bartolomeu
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