Quinta da Fonte Nova (Manor house)

Rua Álvaro Augusto Rodrigues Vilela, 137
2635-452 Rio de Mouro
Getting there (itinerary)

Geographical: 38º46'14'' N, 9º20'7'' W
Decimal (GPS): 38.770691,-9.335217
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Phone: (+351) 219.160.021
Fax: (+351) 219.161.111

Rooms: 10 |

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Quinta da Fonte Nova
Quinta da Fonte Nova is a country house located 20 kilometres away from Lisbon, 10 km from the Estoril Coast/Cascais and 5 km from Sintra.

It has nice and calm surroundings in the middle of a beautiful landscape.

Quinta da Fonte Nova
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