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Nossa Senhora da Assunção
Nossa Senhora da Assunção
Bragança is the capital of the province os Trás-os-Montes (behind the mountains), which, as its name suggests, lies quite isolated in the mountainous area, being Portugal's poorest and least known region.

Unexplored by tourism, it offers a wild and beautiful landscape, cities and towns full of historic associations, rich regional food and a life style still marked by traditions. The region's harsh climate, poor development and remoteness have led to the emigration of a considerable part of the population; nevertheless, the small, isolated stone villages and long stretches of moorland have a rough beauty of their own.

Bragança, with its walled citadel on a hilltop, lies on the edge of the Montesinho Natural Park, one of the wildest areas in Europe, with its mountains, oak forests and rare species like wolves, boars and golden eagles, as well as medieval looking villages.

Cities like Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro, Torre de Moncorvo and Freixo de Espada à Cinta also breathe this quiet atmosphere of having stopped in time; the area is specially beautiful in Spring, when a white mantle of almond blossom covers the valleys.

Mirandela is known for its cured meats and sausages, but throughout the region you can find typical recipes, based mainly on pork.
Casa da Avó Casa da Avó
Torre de Moncorvo
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