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Porto do Pico
Porto do Pico
The eastern group of Azorean islands included in this district are Corvo, Faial, Flores and Pico.

The largest city, Horta, is the capital of Faial and has become famous as a yachting destination due to its welcoming harbour and large bay. From here, visitors can embark in dolphin and whale watching excursions in the waters around the island.

The natural sights include Vulcão dos Capelinhos, where a barren, burnt-like landscape surrounds a volcano which erupted in 1957, and Caldeira do Cabeço Gordo, a vast green crater with spectacular views.

The island of Flores is often cut off by bad weather, but the visitor, on reaching it, is rewarded by the sight of mountains covered with flowers (as its name indicates), especially magnificent hydrangeas. On the southern half, deep green valleys give place to surprising peaks and volcanic crater lakes and caves.

At about 24 kilometres from Flores lies the island of Corvo, the smallest of the archipelago, located on top of a marine volcano. It is an ideal place to escape from the bustle of modern life: only one town with two taxis and a policeman; in the interior, a crater with peaceful lakes and small islands.

In contrast with this idyllic scenery, the island of Pico shows a huge, imposing mountain, rising 2,350 meters above the Atlantic.

Pico is also known as a departing point for whale watching excursions and for its Verdelho wine, similar the one made in Madeira.
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