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The region of Arganil includes both the lowlands of the Mondego and the heights of the Serra do Açor mountains, a place of severe beauty where isolated villages are perched on precipituous terraces. It is here that the river Alva is born, running down slopes to reach green fields of corn and flourishing vegetable plots. Tiny villages with quaint names blend with the granite scenery: Pomares (orchards), Foz da Moura (moorish woman river-mouth)... And Piódão, the most striking of these dark schist and slate hamlets and still mantaining its Medieval charm.

After an unforgettable trip through the narrow roads of the Serra do Açor, Piódão appears nestling in its valley, with narrow and sinuous streets and dark houses with blue trims in contrast with the bright white Mother Church.

The county's seat, Arganil, exhibits the Church of São Gens, probably dating from the 14th century, and in the sanctuary of Monte Alto (two kilometres away), the Chapel of Senhor da Ladeira lodges a curious Baby Jesus figure, fully dressed in an old style and with a bicorne hat.
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