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The sea and lagoons of the ria de Aveiro and extensive sand dunes framed by pinewoods characterize the county of Vagos, boasting of beautiful and unspoilt beaches and a fertile soil offering excellent pastures and thus, one of its main economical assets: the production of milk and other dairy goods.

Founded by the Romans, the town of Vagos is known for the ancient sanctuary consecrated to Our Lady, including a chapel rebuilt in the 19th century and associated to curious legends.

At a short distance from the seat of the county, the ancient village of Sosa displays a fine parish church with a 17th-century image of Saint Michael sculpted on the back façade and a nearby stone cross from the same period.

Several water and windmills across the county have been recovered for tourism, namely those of São Romão.

However, the main attraction of the region are wonderful beaches such as Praia da Vagueira, where a traditional method of fishing known as arte da xávega and typical fishing boats with high prows painted with bright colours may still be observed.

Near the beach, there is a pleasant camping-park and also a leisure zone with water sports.

More remote and isolated, the beach of Areão is surrounded by extensive sand dunes and offers a rare atmosphere of seclusion and quietness.

The gastronomy of Vagos is naturally influenced by the sea and lagoons and offers delicious stews of eels and other dishes with fresh fish, but meat-lovers will find a typical chanfana de carneiro (mutton stew with wine), besides roast rabbit and sucking-pig.

Traditional handicrafts include ceramics and works in wood.
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