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Hatting Museum
Hatting Museum
Giving name to a county which knew a quick industrial development thanks mostly to its proximity to the road connection between Oporto and Lisbon, São João da Madeira has grown into a dynamic urban centre with an essentially modern architecture, although there are some interesting ancient buildings, such as the house of the Quinta do Morgado estate, belonging to a noble family of the region since the 16th century.

Other fine buildings are the Palacete dos Condes manor and the manor of the Quinta do Rei da Farinha, both examples of the so-called «brazilian mansions», as they were built by emigrants who returned rich from Brazil.

The tradition of craftsmanship at São João da Madeira, namely in millinery and footwear, was the origin of its industrial development from the beginning of the 19th century and has led to the manufacture of other products which bear great weight on the county's economy.

The town of São João da Madeira is also proud of the pretty park of Our Lady of Miracles and of offering good sports facilities, having been chosen to host several national and international events.

In terms of tourism, São João da Madeira is one of the counties of Rota da Luz.
Hotel AS São João da Madeira Hotel AS São João da Madeira
São João da Madeira
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Situated on São João da Madeira's central and walking-only square, close to the cities of Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia, this small hotel provides guests with comfortable accommodation.

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