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Moliceiro boats
Moliceiro boats
Integrated in a region characterized by its close ties to the sea and to the great salt-water lagoon known as ria, it is not surprising that the county's main activities have been fishing, the canned foods industry and seaweed-collecting for fertilizers (although this tradition is now disappearing).

However, visitors are mostly attracted by its beaches, namely by the beautiful beach of Torreira, a fishermen's village now proud of its restaurants, hotels and camping-parks, but still preserving its traditional houses with sheds, typical lagoon boats and the arte da xávega (a type of fishing).

Tourists exploring the zone will find other sites and monuments of interest: the Parish Church of Murtosa, the Chapel of Saint Simon at Bunheiro or the Chapel of Saint Paio, the patron saint of Torreira, among others.

Eels seem to dominate the local gastronomy, with typical recipes of enguias de escabeche (eels cooked in vinegar sauce) and caldeirada de enguias (eel stew), but there are also other specialities, such as caldeirada (a rich stew made with a variety of fish) or rojões (fried pork), for those prefering meat.

As for the county's handicrafts, visitors will find willow-mats, painted yokes, miniature boats and works in dried rush.
Estalagem Riabela Estalagem Riabela
Quintas do Sul - Torreira, Murtosa
$$$ (50 to 100 euros)

The Estalagem Riabela is a modern hotel located in one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal, the Ria of Aveiro. In this unique landscape, you can enjoy the pleasures of the Ria - which is ideal for water sports - the sea and its many beaches, or you can discover the ancient traditions and the beautiful surroundings.

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