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São Roque Canal
São Roque Canal
Once a big sea port, Aveiro lies in a region of valleys cut by mountains and fertile lagoon plains. These plains are bathed by the ria (lagoon) which formed in the 16th century after terrible storms. It covers 11,000 hectares, with four main channels forming inlets and countless islands and islets.

The area is rich in fish and water fowl and there are excellent fishing facilities both in the lagoon and in the open sea. Hunting is also a possibility and the larger stretches of water welcome all kinds of water sports.

The city of Aveiro is crossed by canals, which give it quite an individual character, and in the old quarter tourists can see the quaint whitewashed houses of the fishermen and visit, early in the morning, the Mercado do Peixe (fish market), an auction of the fish caught during the night.

Of all the boats seen in the area, the moliceiro is the most elegant, being perfectly lined, painted with bright colours and with often ingenious and humorous decorations.

The fine beach of São Jacinto lies close to woodland and the São Jacinto Dunes Natural Reserve, with well preserved dunes and varied fauna and flora.

Those who appreciate good food can taste the delicious eel stew and a variety of sea and lagoon fish soups. But Aveiro is specially known for its sweets: the most famous is ovos moles (soft eggs), sweetened egg yolk in candied casings shaped like fish or barrels.
Hotel Aveiro Center Hotel Aveiro Center
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