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Tua River
Tua River
Mirandela lies at the end of the narrow and quaint Tua railway line, and it is known for its fine gardens which lead to the river Tua and for the «Old Bridge», of Romanesque style and with 20 asymmetrical arches.

The castle and the pillory have disappeared, but it is worth visiting the 17th-century Mother Church and the Town Hall, also dating from the 17th century and which used to be the ancient palace of the Távoras (this important family was acused of attempting regicide in 1759 and all trace of them was eliminated). The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Amparo offers wonderful views of the environs.

Nearby, at about 15 kilometres from Mirandela, the village of Romeu features the Curiosity Museum: as the name suggests, it displays a mixture of exhibits, from ancient Ford models to musical boxes and old photographic equipment.

Speaking about Mirandela leads inevitably to mention its most famous gastronomical speciality: the alheira, a type of sausage made of pork, cockerel, chicken, game and bread, spiced with garlic, laurel, sweet pepper and also a little malagueta pepper. There are many imitations, but no real match for the real alheira de Mirandela.
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With views over the Tua River and in the heart of Mirandela, enjoy a comfortable stay amongst the peaceful landscapes of northern Portugal.

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