São Vicente: Travel and tourism

From São Vicente, lying by the sea, a road climbs up to the center of the island, through the imposing heights of Encumeada, with some densely populated villages in the wild scenery, like Rosário, Vargem and Feiteiras. From this road various paths lead to some of the most inacessible and beautiful sites of the island, such as Caramujo and Bica da Cana.

São Vicente in itself is an agricultural town which has known a quick development over the years, and shops, bars and restaurants line the cobbled streets where no traffic is allowed. One of its specialities is the famous bolo de mel of Madeira (a honey cake with fruits).

After tasting it and the excellent wine, visitors can visit the Mother Church, dating from the 17th century and including a painting on the ceiling of Saint Vincent blessing the town, as well as a beautifully carved main altar.

São Vicente is also the starting point of the coastal road to Porto Moniz, a narrow road cut through cliffs and tunnels and waterfalls, providing an unforgettable experience.

The only village along this road is Seixal, fertile with its rich vineyards and with volcanic rocks near the sea.
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