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Tunnel under the Bride Veil
Tunnel under the Bride Veil
At about 75 kilometres from Funchal, in the far north of the island, Porto Moniz is specially known for its natural rocky swimming pool, which makes it a favourite holiday destination even for the inhabitants of Madeira.

The series of natural rock pools in vulcanic reefs, joined by concrete paths, are constantly refreshed by the waters of the Atlantic as the waves break against the rocks, showering those who are swimming or paddling.

This remote coastal village has a quaint charm of its own and is surrounded by tiny fields divided by boxwood fences which form an exquisite patchwork. From the mountains, the views are splendid.

There are excellent restaurants specializing in seafood, but visitors can also find the other gastronomical specialities of Madeira: sword-fish and seafood, meat on laurel spits, tuna fish steaks, fried corn and honey cake.

From Porto Moniz, tourists can drive on to São Vicente along a road by the ocean, surrounded by abysses, tunnels and waterfalls in a landscape of breathtaking beauty.

Near Santa, where fabulous views can also be admired, the Chapel of Saint Magdalene is the object of an animated procession and popular festivities in June.
Centro de Juventude do Porto Moniz Centro de Juventude do Porto Moniz
Porto Moniz
Located on the northwest point of the Madeira island, the Porto Moniz Youth Centre is a fine option for a great holiday. If you have a car, you should make the most of the panoramic roads between Porto Moniz and Santana.

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