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Miserichord Church
Miserichord Church
Away from the crowds and the bustle of the tourist centres along the coastline of Algarve, the lovely town of Alcoutim lies near Alentejo (at about 15 kilometres) and has a natural border with Spain formed by the river Guadiana. A winding road that runs alonside the river offers superb views of the countryside, with its orchards and orange groves, and the rural way of life in Alcoutim remains very much unchanged.

Its 14th-century castle is worth visiting, as well as the simple 16th-century church of São Salvador, by the river and near the main square.

The region is proud of its crafts, from the traditional wooven wool and embroidered linen to wicker baskets, pottery, etc.

The gastronomy here is also quite different from that of the coastline, being based on pork and lamb, olive oil and home-made bread. Beans, broad beans and green peas are also very much used and there are delicious game dishes of hare, partridge and wild boar.

The sweetmeats reflect the abundance of figs and almonds in Algarve, and the local brandy is made from arbutus-berry.

From Alcoutim, visitors can rent a fishing-boat and go downriver to Foz de Odeleite, seeing, at Álamo, a Roman dam.
Estalagem do Guadiana Estalagem do Guadiana
$$$ (50 to 100 euros)

Over the romantic Guadiana River and just in front of Sanlúcar, in Spain, Alcoutim is one of the most beautiful and well preserved villages of the historical and genuine Algarve.

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